Why did MyHouseCall develop this service?

We believe healthcare should be both convenient while still being affordable for everyone.

Why did MyHouseCall set up both a video and house call option?

Telemedicine gives us the option to see you for the “simpler stuff”-common illnesses and injuries that can be evaluated via video quickly at a lower cost to you. Our hope is that our providers can readily treat you with the video service. However, when necessary we have a house call option if you are within our service area. If you are too ill for our providers to properly evaluate you and treat you via video you have the option to convert your visit to a house call visit. By having both options we properly evaluate you and the cost of your visit reflects the level of your illness/condition.

Download the APP

Our app can run on all of your major Apple and Android devices. These devices include all smartphones and tablets that run these operating systems. We developed both Apple and Android systems to start with because we wanted our services to be accessible for everyone.